Surrendering A Dog


We will try to help you by putting you in contact with someone or an organization that can help. Please understand that most rescues are not in a position to accept ownership of human aggressive dogs. You should be prepared to work with a rescue and invest the time and funds to help the rescue help your dog.

Unless your situation is urgent or an emergency we may need a few days (or a week) to place your dog in a loving foster home. We are not a shelter – all of our dogs are placed in foster care.

When you surrender your dog to ABR you will be signing over ownership of your dog and will be required to provide all vet records and a medical record release authorization.

We are a non profit organization so if possible we ask all our surrendering parties to make a donation to help cover the costs of fostering and a vet appointment for a health assessment. Making a donation is not a requirement and we understand that in some cases this may not be possible.

Dogs that are surrendered to us undergo a behavioral assessment, are placed in a foster home, seen by a vet, and spend time with a trainer. We place dogs in foster homes that meet their needs as best we can.

Forever home matches are made when we find the perfect adoptive family for each bulldog. Adoptive family applicants are screened, a home check and an interview is conducted with the entire family and in most cases follow up visits are conducted. In special situations we will conditionally adopt out a bulldog based on their specific needs. We reserve the right to refuse an adoption, and will arrange meetings and sleep overs with interested, approved forever home applicants.