Alberta Bulldog Rescue

Who gets the dog? Choosing fosters and adopters

In light of all of our Foster Adoptions lately, we felt the need to be open and honest with our followers and supporters about foster fails.

ABR is not a first come first serve rescue, we do not take placing and adopting our dogs out lightly. All of our foster applications are weighed against all of our other adoption apps we receive on the dog. Fosters do not get “first dibs” on dogs however we do sometimes have foster to adopt situations take place. Occasionally we will approach previous unmatched adopters about incoming dogs that we feel may fit what they are looking for. This situation doesn’t happen all the time, as on average, we receive over 20 adoption applications on one dog before they are even cleared for adoption.

We promise to always do our best in placing our bulldogs in the best home possible. We want to see our dogs flourish with their perfect furever family, weather that is through a foster fail, a foster to adopt, or an adoption application from someone who fell in love over our website or social media!