Who We Are

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Kalie has been involved with ABR since 2010. She began working with the group as a foster family (long term fosters include Cash, Zoey, Roxy, Shilo, Blue & Baby). Kalie and her husband have an English Bulldog named Maggie and a Frenchie named Kato who you have most likely met at Pet Expo. In addition to being the current president of ABR Kalie also helps run the English Bulldog Meetup Group and works full time.



Jason has been involved with ABR since 2012. He began working with the group as a home checker. Jason is a Chartered Accountant who works in the oil and gas industry and helps ABR with the “business stuff”. Jason and his wife Tiffany have two Frenchies, Napoleon and Josephine.

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Jen joined ABR in 2013 as a homechecker, she now heads up our province-wide homecheck team and offers support to our potential adopters. Jen and her husband have two wonderful bullies, Vinny and Olive who have made appearances at many ABR events and fundraisers. Jen’s dogs are part of the PALS program and she is happy to work in the community dispelling myths and answering questions about the breed.



Charlotte has been involved with ABR since 2012. Charlotte owns a local dog training company and has been training dogs in the Calgary area since 2003 and working with dogs since 1999. She has been certified by Animal Behaviour and Training Associates Inc. (2006) and completed Petsmart’s Training Instructor course (2003). In 2006, she completed a BSc in Primatology (the study of primates and primate behaviour!) and a minor in Psychology, an experience that allowed her to travel to Ghana, West Africa, to study the interactions of local primate and human populations. In 2014, she will complete her Bachelor of Education, a program that has helped her improve the way she works with her human clients. She spent seven years working for the Calgary Humane Society and has a passion for working with rescue dogs. Charlotte adopted the only non-bully dog to ever come through ABR – Aspen the Doberman.

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