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Alberta Bulldog Rescue

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French and English bulldogs.

Based in Calgary, the Alberta Bulldog Rescue Society is a volunteer run, not for profit organization and registered charity. 

ABR was founded in 2009 by a group of women who met at the Calgary English Bulldog meet-up group. The rescue continues to sponsor the Calgary & Area English Bulldog Meetup Group.


ABR is incorporated under the Societies Act (Alberta) and is a registered charity under Section 149 the Income Tax Act (Canada).


Registered Charity Number 76613 1114 RR0001.

How it works:

Our team is dedicated to helping our community to rehome their beloved pets. We work closely with veterinarians, trainers and other rehabilitation specialists to ensure the best future for these dogs.

Foster: While in our care, each ABR dog lives in a fabulous foster home. Their foster families get to know them, work on medical or behavioral issues and provides love and support. ABR covers all costs for the dogs in our care.

Adoption: Once cleared by the vets and trainers we start looking at our amazing adopters. We always choose a family that best suits the dog's needs. After a weeklong trial sleepover a decision is made and the dog usually finds it's fur-ever family. 

Many of the dogs we help rehome were purchased by someone who thought they were getting a cartoon version of a docile, wrinkly bulldog. When they realize they have a much larger or stronger, high energy dog, it doesn't always work with their lifestyle.

There is a huge difference between a French Bulldog and an Olde English Bulldogge. One is a large sporting breed and the other is a small, bat-eared little potato with legs. Both are great breeds, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each prior to adding a bulldog to your family.

Their compact, muscular build often puts stress on their joints. It is not uncommon for bulldogs to tear their ACL or develop hip displasia. As brachiocephalic (flat-faced) breeds they also have a litany of breathing issues... many of which require surgery. 

Get your hands on ABR merch!

We've teamed up with Rain Coast Digital to offer custom ABR apparel!

Our awesome merch options include t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, baby onesies and kid's wear. Each item comes in a variety of colours and shipping is free.

The best part? Proceeds from all merchandise sold goes directly to the rescue! 

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