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We believe that every dog has a loving home waiting for them. 

All of our dogs are placed based on what the vets, trainers and fosters feel would be their ideal circumstance. We do not match dogs with families based on first-come, first served. We will however occasionally bring a dog into care as a foster-to-adopt. In this situation the fosters are given the opportunity to adopt before we look at other applicants. These are usually anxious dogs that would deteriorate if moved around unnecessarily.


Who's Your Best Match?

Each of our dogs deserves the very best fur-ever family. No matter what their unique needs entail, we know that there is a family who is willing to work through it with them.


Please read each dog's description thoroughly to gain an understanding of their needs. We will only consider a household that meets the dog's needs.

How are requirements determined?

There are a few common limitations that we put in place for the dogs in care. These are usually determined with the help of our vets or trainers and are used as a way to let people know what the dog needs in order to succeed and be comfortable in their new home.

No young kids - this dog is possibly anxious around kids or high energy dogs. They may have trouble hearing or seeing and kids could sneak up on them accidentally.

No shared walls/condos/apartments - this dog is likely a barker, but may also become anxious from "hallway" sounds. They may be afraid of elevators or too reactive to be in an elevator with other people or pets.

Must live in big city - this dog likely needs to be a near a specialized vet, trainer or physio facility.

Bully experience preferred - this dog might require extra care for skin, allergies, may be extra stubborn, may be high energy, strong or hard to handle on leash. 

History of aggression - this doesn't mean they bark at dogs walking by.... it's way more than that. It means they lunge, snap and have possibly bitten in the past. They may have injured a human or animal. The level of aggression and the characteristics required of the adoptive home will be determined by the trainer that has been working with the dog.

Will require a Dangerous Dog Waiver - this dog has a bite history. This means they likely attacked a human or animal bad enough to require stitches in the past. These dogs will NEVER be placed with kids.


If you have an application on file and would like to update the information, please email

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