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Cost of Adopting a Bulldog

There's no such thing as a cheap bulldog!

We have a pricing scale that is based on the health, age and long term needs of the dog in our care. These adoption fees ensures that we can care for all the Bulldogs within ABR. As a non profit our only sources of income are adoption fees and fundraising.

Adoption fees must be paid in full by e-transfer, cash or certified cheque. We can occasionally accommodate payment plans, however fundraising is not an acceptable tender for adoption fees. 

Our fee scale ranges from $500 to $1500. The fee may increase or decrease depending on the dog and the investment made in their rehabilitation. A rescued bulldog should not be considered a cheaper option when adopting bulldog. If you are not prepared to pay our fees we recommend that you continue your research on not only the purchase cost of a bulldog, but also the cost to care for them daily, monthly and annually before you decide that a bulldog is the best breed for you.

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