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Available to Adopt

The following dogs are available to adopt. 

If you are interested in adding one of these bullies to your family please complete an adoption application.


Age: 4 Years

Breed: Old English Bulldog

Adoption Fee: $1000

Bauer is such a gentleman and would be a great addition to any home!

  • Bauer loves to go on long walks and loves to he around his people whenever possible.

  • He loves attention and loves to nap!

  • He is very gentle when it comes to feeding and snacks. Listens very well and is very smart. He is just learning what toys are and how to play.

  • He is a very strong and powerful biter. He will destroy toys. He is very good at taking a huge bite and leaving it in a pile for you to throw away.

  • He knows when it is time to eat 3x a day currently and when it is bed time. (Can tell time) He goes right into his crate and straight to sleep.

  • He does drool when food or water is around.

  • While with his foster he has been working on personal space and not pulling when walking.


Since he is so strong, powerful and smart. He needs a family where he can work on using his mind. He is generally good with other dogs but can be selective. Since he likes to play rough young children wouldn’t be recommended or a senior dog that could get hurt in the rough housing.


Age: 9 Years

Breed: English Bulldog

Adoption Fee: $500

Hello! I'm Jedi and I'm ready to find my furever family!

I'm a 9 year old, English bulldog....but don't let that scare you, I'm very healthy (other than the occasional ear infection and needing to lose a couple pounds- I am a bulldog after all). I do have allergies to chicken and salmon but it's very manageable through my diet (I think rabbit, kangaroo, pork, "white" fish and lamb are all very yummy!)

I like to spend my time with my people- big or small. I love car rides, snuggles, dog walks, and I even go to work with my foster mom (where I've won over the hearts of everyone- I'm pretty charming).

I occasionally have moments of friskiness where I roll around in the snow or be goofy with my toys; but mostly, I like to snuggle up with you or a stuffy!

I can be dog selective in my home (so the right fit is needed for any furever siblings), but out and about in the world, I get along well with everyone I meet! I do have one naughty habit of stealing toys that my foster siblings are playing with, so any fur-siblings should not resource guard toys.

I am crate trained but am well-behaved at home and am also happy to just snooze on my bed when you're gone; and they say ol' dogs can learn new tricks and I've worked hard and aced my "sit" skills.

I do need a cat-free home, but I've been working really hard on ignoring them when they're outside the window though!

Everyone says that I'm the very sweetest boy and I hope that you agree - and apply to be my furever home!


Age: 2 Years

Breed: Old English Bulldog

Adoption Fee: $900

A few things to note about this sweet girl-

  • she is a healthy girl but could gain a little weight!

  • she has allergies and physical signs of having many puppies in the past (nipples).

  • she is dog selective and has shown signs of resource guarding in the past.

  • she has some separation anxiety and likes to relax in her kennel but doesn’t like to be left alone and will sometimes try to escape.

  • she seems to be good with dog savvy children.

  • it takes awhile for her to build up trust towards her people.

  • she loves to spend time with her family.

If you think you would be a good fit for Adria please fill out an adoption application


Age: 6 Years

Breed: French Bulldog

Gerald is an approximately 5-6 year old healthy, adorable and sweet little Frenchie looking for a retirement home where he can play fetch endlessly with a family who will appreciate his excessive snoring and snorts. Gerald is such a love bug! Here are a few details about him

  • Loves all people, especially kids!

  • Good with other dogs, Cats unknown


Unfortunately, his adoption is accompanied by a Dangerous Dog Waiver due to a bite incident. As a result of this incident - Gerald was moved out of foster and into our training coordinator's home, where he has successfully settled into a home with dogs and children without any issues. He requires an owner that is committed to maintaining the firm boundaries - his adoption will include a session with one of ABR's trusted trainers to help set Gerald and his adopters up for success.

If you feel Gerald is the house-pig you are missing, please fill out an adoption application!

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