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Available to Adopt

The following dogs are available to adopt. 

If you are interested in adding one of these bullies to your family please complete an adoption application.


Age: 6 months

Breed: English Bulldog

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $500

I’m Dolly and I'm ready to find my furever family!

I was born on September 16th- so I'm about 6 months old!

I'm the very best girl and I'm super social- I've met cats, dogs of all sizes and ages, kids of all ages and I love them all! I especially love kids and energetic dogs because we have the same energy. I'm also kennel trained (mostly) and I like to sleep in there at night.

I was born with Spina Bifida - this means that the vertebrae of the spinal column that usually surrounds and protects the spinal cord didn't form right causing the vertebrae (in me- L7) to be incomplete.

For me- that means I'm fully incontinent and wear a diaper. But…my foster mama says it's not that big of a deal, we change my diaper about 4-6 times per day- I usually wear a disposable diaper liner that you throw away and replace in my fabric diaper- easy peasy.

The other part of my Spina Bifida is that my back legs don't work just right (but that doesn't stop me at all); I go to water treadmill and acupuncture to help me be my best self (and it's already helped me a ton!); So whoever adopts me should keep doing these things so I can be as strong and mobile as possible. It's hard to know what my spina bifida will look like in the future- so that could come with additional medical accessories like braces or wheels; but so far- rehab keeps me strong!

I love to go for walks (I wear boots to protect my feet), play fetch, run around with the zoomies and play tug.  I love to go places in the car and have adventures- from going to work with my foster Mom to my favorite pet store. When I do stop, I like snuggles with my people!

I have been spayed, of course, and have also have had a bilateral cherry eye surgery - so my adopters should keep in mind that there is always a chance of that reccurring (but we hope not!).


Age: 4 years

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $650

Pearl is an absolutely lovely retired breeding girl.


As a result of her upbringing and recent lifestyle, Pearl didn't really know how to be a dog! Her fosters worked to get her used to things like stairs and glass patio doors. She is very good at sniffing out treats and excellent snuggler. Her fosters say she keeps alternating between having the zoomies and napping on the couch with them.

Pearl's physical health at intake was pretty shocking - her belly and nipples were really itchy, her ears were infected, her feet and the space between her toes were pretty nasty, and she needed significant dental work, but with the support of her loving fosters she is much more comfortable these days. Pearl recently went in for both her nares and a spay. 


  • Fostered with other dogs

  • Fostered with two cats and did great with them!

  • Been around dog-knowledgeable kids with no issues

  • She loves her sweaters, lol if you can’t tell and help keep her sensitive chest covered.

  • Rides great in the car

  • Loves to snuggle 

  • Since being in foster, doing great on stairs!!

  • Crate Trained and happily sleep in crate at night


** Pearl has a bite history. We want applicants to be aware Pearl will need someone who will respect her personal space and will not get in her face. Transparency and following all guidelines, we must include a DDW (dangerous dog waiver) form. **

Adoption fee $650 & comes with two training sessions to help with transition.

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