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Available to Adopt

The following dogs are available to adopt. 

If you are interested in adding one of these bullies to your family please complete an adoption application.


Age: 2 years

Breed: Old English Bulldog

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $1000

Nyla is an absolute love-bug! This girl is happiest when spending time with her people and gets along well with all kinds of pets. She is curious, quick to please and very smart. Her ideal adoptive home will work to keep her engaged. Nyla’s loves vegetables especially celery and cucumber. Definitely her favourite treat she also loves peppers and apples.

Nyla was surrendered due to the rising cost of her medical needs following injuries to both knees. Nyla has made a full recovery, although her adoptive family will have to keep an eye on her joint health to avoid re-injury. She would benefit from a moderately active home. Nyla has lived in a home lots of people, kids, dogs and cats. She is very friendly but sometimes knock the little kids over from excitement.


Age: 10 Months

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $1000

Webster came to us in need of urgent medical care. It took multiple surgeries (nares, palate), a couple emergency vet visits following a bout of aspiration pneumonia, rounds of meds for Giardia, and lots of love and attention from his foster family, but Webster is ready for adoption!

Webster is a total sweetheart!! He wants to snuggle and be with his people every minute of the day. He is proving to be a curious and funny little being. He spends his days alternating between sunning himself and exploring his surroundings. Webster gets along really well with kids and people of all ages. He is working on learning some skills (sit, stay, leash manners, paw) and has pretty much mastered potty training. 


Age: 3 Years

Breed: English Bulldog

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $800

Fergie is a happy and healthy 3year Old English with an absolutely hilarious, sassy personality!

  • Loves her walks

  • Great Recall

  • Knows her commands - sit, roll over, shake paw and more!

  • Kennel trained - would definitely keep using especially during transition

  • Super friendly


She has recently been spayed and received a perfect bill of health!

A few IMPORTANT things to remember

Fergie has been fostered by our training coordinator, she has young’s kids and other dogs. During Fergie’s time there, we discovered Fergie will be good with kids (5+years) that ARE DOG SAVY. Kids must be respectful of Fergie’s space and allow time for transition. 

Fergie needs be the only dog in the home. She will tolerate other dogs around as long as they are not to close to her. We are not sure how Fergie is with cats. There have been cat(s) around outside and she has not reacted. But unsure about cats in the home.

Fergie is a big girl! She can be strong when she wants to be. She will throw body like a freight train during her zoomies.

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