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Currently in Care

All ABR dogs are housed in foster homes while we help them work through medical and behavioural concerns. These dogs are in our care and not yet ready to be adopted. Once they have been cleared by a vet and a trainer we will mark them as available and start reviewing applications.


Age: 4 years

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: Male

This handsome, sweet tempered boy is an absolute delight.

Like many frenchies, Obie suffers from allergies. These have been successfully managed through cytopoint injections and careful diet selection. Obie is also epileptic, but it is being managed with the help of regular medication.


Obie is good with other dogs and has lived with a female dog in his previous home.  He is good with kids, but does have a bite history, so we will likely only place him with older kids. This will be determined by a certified trainer after we have had the time to assess and get to know Obie.

Obie is incredibly well trained! He has great manners and skills, sits and waits when being fed or let outside and is super gentle when taking treats. He doesn't jump on furniture or hump legs or anything! He is a perfect little gentleman.

Any donations made in Obie's name will be used to cover his medical costs.


Age: 1 year

Breed: French Bulldog X English Bulldog

Gender: Male

Yoda is an affectionate and gentle young bully. When he came to ABR it took a number of days for Yoda to decompress. He slept for days and barely had the energy to eat or drink. After a couple days, Yoda started to come our of his shell!! He went from being afraid of grass to running around the yard chasing a ball and his foster kids. He is very happy to lay on his bed and be hand fed.

Yoda has ear and eye infections as well as suspected cataracts. We are hoping for good news when he sees a vet next week. 


Age: 4 years

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: Female

Pearl is an absolutely lovely retired breeding girl.

This little spitfire is beyond excited to be out of the the breeder setting she was used to. As a result of her upbringing and recent lifestyle, Pearl doesn't really know how to be a dog! Her fosters are working to get her used to things like stairs and glass patio doors. For now she's proven to be very good at sniffing out treats and excellent snuggler. Her fosters say she keeps alternating between having the zoomies and napping on the couch with them.

Pearl's physical health needs some work too. Her belly and nipples are really itchy, her ears are stinky and likely infected, her feet and the space between her toes are pretty nasty right now, but the foster family is dedicated to helping to get her cleaned up and back to optimal health.


Age: 12 weeks

Breed: English Bulldog

Gender: Female

Dolly is one of the most entertaining little bullies you could ask for.

Sweet Dolly is about 3 months old and she suffers from Spina Bifida. Despite this diagnosis she is mobile and happy to play as part of the pack. Luckily, before coming to ABR, Miss Dolly had already been working with a rehab team at the the Canine Fitness Centre. Our fosters will continue working with physiotherapists and acupuncturists to ensure we do our utmost to ensure Dolly reaches her optimal health. 

At this time Dolly is still in foster care and is not available for adoption. 

All donations made in Dolly's name will be used towards Dolly's medical expenses. We appreciate your support!

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