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Currently in Care

All ABR dogs are housed in foster homes while we help them work through medical and behavioural concerns. These dogs are in our care and not yet ready to be adopted. Once they have been cleared by a vet and a trainer we will mark them as available and start reviewing applications.


Age: 4 years

Breed: English Bulldog

Gender: Female

Cannoli (a.k.a The Robust Pastry) is an Absolute sweetheart! She is so full of love and is a very affectionate girl.

Cannoli may not look it, but she's a runner! She has bolted out the front door twice since coming into ABR's care. Her robust figure doesn’t slow her down, she moves faster than she looks! Luckily, her fosters catch her each time and she is now equipped with an air tag... just in case she manages to escape again. Needless to say, Cannoli will be working on threshold boundaries while in care. She also LOVES having her owns space to chill out, and enjoys spending time in her bed and crate. She is currently living with an another dog and they get along great! 

Medically, Cannoli is in decent shape. She is currently walking 2km a day in an effort to shed a few pounds. She will also require approximately $3000 in dental work and a spay before she is ready for adoption.


Donations made in Cannoli's name will be used towards her medical and training expenses.


Age: 1 year

Breed: French Bulldog

Gender: Male

Astro comes to ABR with a very limited background. Upon intake he was shut down and  timid. He was very small and had such long nails his paws didn’t touch the ground properly. (Thank you to our vets who got him in quickly for a nail trim!)

Medically, Astro is doing well. He went for his wellness exam and first round of vaccines. The vet had confirmed he had an ear infection. Unfortunately, Astro had a adverse reaction to his vaccines and ended up at the emergency after sudden onset vomiting, whimpering and lethargy. A few xrays and blood tests later we are confident this was simple reaction and not a larger issue.

Astro continues to improve medically and has started to come out of his shell. We will share more information once we get to know him better.

Donations made in Astro's name will be used towards his medical expenses.

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