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President &
Intake Coordinator

Kalie is currently ABRs longest serving member. In 2009, after having purchased her first bulldog puppy, she started volunteering with the ABR team as a foster home. She has worn many hats over the years, covering all roles within the organization at one time or another. Kalie and her husband have worked many Pet Expos and attended numerous fundraisers and event on behalf of the rescue. She has proudly held the title of President since 2011 and loves watching the rescue grow and thrive. Her favourite part of working with ABR is helping the surrendering families understand our processes and feel confident in our ability to help rehome their beloved family member.

Outside of ABR Kalie is married with two wonderful kids. Being born into rescue has left her little ones with a deep love of animals and a keen sensibility about taking care of those around them. She considers this to be one of her greatest achievements. Her kids often play a role in helping transport or temporarily care for ABR bullies while they transition from their surrendering family to their foster home. Kalie works fulltime in the healthcare industry and co-owns a number of physiotherapy companies with her husband, Jonathan. She also works casually as an End Of Life Doula.

Kalie's beloved dogs, Maggie and Kato, both passed away during Covid quarantine. Her family remains too heart-broken to welcome another permanent dog into their lives. For now, they are happy to settle for pet sitting and fostering. 

Kalie Reimer
2011 expo.jpg

Rescue is 
a family affair

Kalie's entire family has been involved with ABR over the years.

Her parents, Joanne and Wayne, have transported, built a kissing booth, and housed many bullies. One of their favourites was a deaf bully named Blue (who manage to escape his kennel, poop on the floor then step on Roomba - who made a giant mess, before falling asleep).

Her sister, Dawn, and her family, have temporarily fostered and created care kits for the dozen or more dogs they've transported from Saskatchewan to Alberta for us. Kalie's nephews were some of ABR's youngest volunteers.

Her brother, Travis, designed many great graphics ABR used for custom apparel, played Santa at our Christmas bully photoshoot and has used his awesome photography skills to capture the personalities of many of ABRs bullies.

Kalie's favourite auntie, Deana, has helped with event planning, emergency vet visits and hooked the rescue up with some great not-for-profit resources. 

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