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Vet Costs


All ABR dogs will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated prior to placement with an adoptive family.

Routine veterinary care is a huge part of keeping your dog healthy.


Plan on going to the vet for wellness check-ups once or twice a year at a cost of at least $100-300 yearly.

Vaccinations can be $150 - $300 and need semi-regular boosters.

Annual blood work can add about $100-200.


Dental cleanings are often recommended once a year and usually cost at least $200.


Of course, vet costs will be higher if your dog develops a health problem. This is especially the case as your dog grows older.

Consider purchasing pet insurance for your dog, which will cover a percentage of vet expenses. All dogs adopted through ABR come with information from a reputable insurance provider.


Typically, you should budget about $500-1000 per year for veterinary costs, and that does not include preventive medications or supplements.

Allergies are very common in all bully breeds and a single visit to a specialist can easily go well beyond $1000.


Medicated shampoo or itch relieving medication can result in $100 extra per month. Failing to control the itch can result in excessive scratching which in turn causes secondary infections. These infections result in return vet trips and antibiotics. Baby clothes are commonly used to deter the scratching or at least limit the damage.

Allergies often require a change in diet to a hypoallergenic or hydrolyzed food. Each bag can be anywhere from $75 - $170 depending on the size of bag and type of food.


Owners may choose to run blood panels to determine what allergens cause a reaction in their bully. These panels are typically $150 - $375.

Owners may choose to give monthly or semi-annual injections to help control their dog's allergies. These injections can be very costly.


Due to their unique body shape and done structure, it is not uncommon for bulldogs to suffer knee and hip injuries. 

A surgery to repair a torn ACL or MCL can easily cost $2000 - $4000. 

After surgery and bed rest the vet may recommend physiotherapy to help in the healing process and help prevent re-injury. Sessions typically run for $60 - $100 per visit. It is not uncommon to put a bully in a water treadmill to help alleviate stress and get them moving. This tactic is also applied to medical weight loss. These visits range from $20 - $75.

Cherry eye is incredibly common in bully breeds. Having corrective surgery is usually between $800 - $1200 per eye. Although the surgery may initially take, the surgery does occasionally need to be redone.

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